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    If you are willing to put in some study time and have an interest in vacuum tube amplifiers below are some good places to start. There are many books and web pages for your enjoyment. That is if you enjoy that sort of thing! Be careful though there is a lot of miss information and supposition out there concerning vacuum tube amplifiers. I can't believe some of the things that I have read by those that really should know better. So much of vacuum tube engineering has been lost over the years, but it is great that there are those out there helping to preserve the knowledge that we need for this vintage hobby! Experimenting is fun, and a little math goes a long way in understanding what is going on in a tube circuit. I will not offer an explanation as to why I prefer vacuum tubes over other devices, I just do. The choice is yours.  Take your time, study and give some thought into your project before you get started. I always shake my head at the guy in the audio forms that will argue without a basis of understanding of something just because he read it on some web site. Audio forums are a good source of information. When asking a question on the various audio forums, get a technical explanation with the math to back it up. I like to experiment with different ways of doing things and see the results for myself.

    Books - If you want to learn, then the cost of these book justifies the content that is in  them. They are worth the education, I have bought them all.

 Don't want to roll your own?
Here a few kits available over at the Tube Depot.