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  6V6 Stereo Amplifier

    This is a 6V6 push pull stereo amplifier that is based on age old Dynaco 6V6 circuit that many have built. Edcor transformers and a Glassware Audio PS-14 supplies HV and regulated DC to all tube filaments. The controls are a Glassware A3 Mini-stepped attenuator.

    6V6 amplifier schematic. I would have liked to heard this one on my B&W speakers, but I sold it before I had a chance.  I used the standard 40% screen grid tap, but the 6V6 is supposed to be designed for 23% screen grid taps in ultralinear mode. Edcor does make a transformer with screen grid taps at 23%. It would be interesting to build another and see what the difference is.

    The chassis is a standard Hammond aluminum chassis.  After gathering your components you can layout the chassis by leaving the protective peel off plastic on. I use a fine tip permanent marker to layout the holes.  You can mark your holes for drilling with a spring loaded center punch.  I make the larger holes with a vintage radio punch set which does a nice job on the transformer wiring holes and tube socket holes.

    Inside view of the chassis. To the right is the Glassware Audio PS-14 power supply.

6V6 Chassis

6V6 chassis rear.