Ron's Audio
                                             Sound for the regular

    Custom built Vacuum Tube Amplifiers built with a vintage look.
    Audio can be a subjective thing.  People perceive it differently and have different expectations and different goals. There are many people that are able to purchase very expensive equipment with elaborate listening rooms.  I suspect that there are more of us out there that can not.  It is possible to enjoy the benefits of vacuum tube amplification without breaking the bank. That is my idea of Sound For the regular guy.  You will notice the difference with vacuum tube amplification. Forget all the controversy on how or why not, just enjoy!  You can learn to build it yourself.

New projects in the works.

  • The Single Ended KT77 / EL34 project is completed.
  •  Transistor SS1 amp with vintage Sanken transistors is completed.
  • Chip amp using TDA7293's
  • Single ended SV83/EL84 stereo amplifier
  • SV83/EL84 push pull stereo amplifier with SIPP input